"I can't tell you how totally blown away by your setting I was and how much E has talked about it all afternoon. It's such a relief as a Mummy to have found somewhere so magical where I know E is going to grow in independence and confidence and somewhere he is going to love!"


Organic Forest Kindergarten Mummy

We heard about your lovely forest preschool through a friend who attends your Baby & Toddler Group and we knew instantly this was the type of experience we wanted for our son! We have signed S up to start with you as soon as he turns 2 and we can't wait!  In the meantime, we'll carry on bringing S to your Rushall Baby & Toddler Group and watch with excitement for your latest news and updates.

We can't wait!

Organic Forest Kindergarten Parent

My daughter and I came along to a session today, for the first time. Well... we absolutely loved it! Such a fab idea and a beautiful place! We’ll defo be back! Thanks again!

We absolutely loved it!

Baby & Toddler Group Parent

"It's just a lovely, relaxed and organised learning environment!  All the practitioners put a lot of effort into planning great outdoor activities for the children and you can tell that they all love what they do and really enjoy working with the children!"

Lovely, relaxed and organised learning environment!

Organic Forest Kindergarten Mummy

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